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 My Journey to Be a Tired, Depressed Mother of Two to Be Better, happier, and more healthy than ever

Waking up because of a great lack of inspiration and tears in my eyes had become a habit for me.

Getting out of bed to give my daughters breakfast and send them to school seemed like climbing Mount Everest.

You may be wondering why I do not go to the doctor about my anxiety and depression.

You see, the real cause of my depression was actually the humorous, stubborn stupor I had been carrying for years now.

One day, I woke up to myself saying, “That's enough” and decided to do something to control my life.

And as you can see, I did my best to try to eliminate it.

From the WW to the Keto Diet, and from the extreme exercise to the fashion diet, I had done it all.

But instead of relieving constipation, I continued to gain more each week.

Think about it. I tried hard, I did all the weight loss, and I found that I gained more. It was so frustrating!

This dampened my enthusiasm and my decision quickly turned into confusion, frustration, and anxiety.

At one point, it got so bad that I could not even do my daily activities successfully.

One day, I received a message from a friend, Sophie, whom I had not seen for over 3 years.

He asked us to have lunch together. Despite my reluctance to meet him, I somehow eventually agreed.

Little did I know that this meeting would change my life forever.

So we chose a place to meet, and we were finally able to meet again after many years.

What happened next left me stunned, almost paralyzed.

I went into the restaurant and found that Sophie was not there.

When I called her, she told me that she was in a restaurant and that she could see me.

I looked around and saw this beautiful, vibrant lady clapping her hands.

And that shocked me:

"Is that Sophie ???" - I wondered in total disbelief.

You see, the last time I saw Sophie, she was a 32-year-old woman with depression.

But here he was, after 3 years, his translation completely transformed and looking much happier than before.

We had a wonderful dinner together, but as you can imagine, I was quiet most of the time.

Sophie noticed and asked what was on my mind.

It was like opening a dam; I broke down in tears and told her how sad I was.

And he asked her how she was able to make this big change?

It was then that he looked at me with an interesting smile and continued to tell me his secret.

To my surprise, it was an 8-Second Easy Recharge he had been using for the past 6 months.

I immediately decided to try this 8-Second Unique Custom Tradition.

And my God, I almost shed tears of joy when I said this: It changed my life and helped me become the kind I was proud of.

For the first time in years, I started to feel strong and encouraged; to release dress sizes like autumn leaves.

I can take better care of my daughters now and be able to lead a truly satisfying life.

I can reconnect with my friends without feeling embarrassed or insecure about my body.

If you want to know about this Unique 8 Second Ceremony, click the button below to watch the video Sophie shared with me at our lunch together.

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