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The  BEST Foods For Weight Loss

In today's topic, I will share the best four foods for weight loss with you. Now I want to stress that the best foods for weight loss are not those that are lowest in calories.

That is a huge misconception that leads to low energy, feeling miserable, binging, and ultimately giving up on their weight loss efforts. 

If you have weight loss goals, eating the foods that we talk about today in this article will help you lose weight faster, it will also help you maintain your results.

Many people are looking to lose fat, and they see tremendous results in focusing their diet around the foods we Are going to talk about today.

Today, we will talk about the best foods for weight loss; a lot of what we're talking about today is based on the protein-to-energy ratio.

That is a framework created by Dr. Ted Naiman; the thinking is that the amount of energy, carbohydrates, and fat humans consume is inversely related to the protein percentage in the foods they are eating.

And this is because humans have a very high protein hunger drive; we will keep eating until our protein and nutrient requirements are met.

When you eat foods that are high in protein in comparison to energy, it is hard to Overeat; on the flip side, when you eat foods that are low in protein and high in energy, you end up overeating, and this is why we are currently in the middle of an obesity epidemic.

Nowadays, most of the food we eat that we are told is healthy is high in energy and low in protein, leading to overeating and excess energy stored as fat.

Because at the end of the day, the energy we consume, both carbohydrates and fat, can either be absorbed into the body right away or stored for later use.

So any excess energy that we are consuming is being stored in the other part too. That is, nutrients help with satiety. If you eat a nutrient-poor diet, you're probably going to find you're constantly hungry; your body is begging for nutrients; it is missing out.

Let's get into the list and make sure to stick around until the end of today's topic because I think number three might surprise you.

Butter and Ghee

these foods do have a place for our bodies to use stored body fat insulin needs to be low. Our bodies use insulin to transport glucose to our cells; whenever we eat insulin, some foods stimulate insulin more than others.

Now this in and of itself is not a bad thing, but where it becomes a problem is when we are constantly eating throughout the day, meaning insulin is always high, which leads to insulin resistance; when we are insulin resistant, it is tough to lose weight.

Butter and ghee score very low on the insulin index; they only raise it a tiny amount, so what many people like to do who find intermittent fasting challenging is a variation called bulletproof fasting.

That means that in the morning, you can drink a cup of coffee or other hot drink with butter or ghee in it; the high-fat content keeps you full for several hours, and the butter does not raise your insulin.

Consuming a coffee or other drink like this helps you push your first authentic meal until later in the day, usually around midday, so that you can reap the benefits of intermittent fasting. Still, it's a little bit easier to stick to, especially in the beginning.



Now, this is one you might not have expected to see on this list, but I had to give oysters a shout-out because of their outstanding nutritional profile, especially when it comes to zinc; a portion of eight oysters has over six times the daily value for zinc.

Zinc is an essential component for over 300 enzymes that synthesize protein, fat, and carbs and therefore is necessary to keep the metabolism running properly; like iodine, zinc is also required to create thyroid hormone.


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