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 Belly fat-burning exercises

Have you ever noticed that your clothes have become tighter, or that you have revisited your photo, and that you have become a little fluffy lately?

At that time, fat may have accumulated in the body without knowing it.

So how do you reduce fat?

First of all, let's understand the type and role of fat and the mechanism of burning correctly.

·    What is fat? Is it true that there are types?

The condition in which more fat than necessary is attached to the body is generally called "obesity".

However, in fact, even if you say "fat" in a nutshell, the types are roughly classified into two types.

Each person has a different role and personality, and the type of fat targeted by the diet also differs from person to person.

What type of fat do you have? First of all, it is important to know properly.

·    Subcutaneous Fat

Fat accumulates in the subcutaneous tissue just below the skin.

As the amount of subcutaneous fat increases, the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks become fluffy, and you can pinch it with your fingers.

Compared to men, it is easier for women to attach to it, and it also protects the uterus from shocks and cold and also stores nutrition during the lactation period.

It is difficult to remove once it is applied, but since it is located just below the skin, it is possible to directly stimulate fat with a massage using body cream.

·    Visceral Fat

Fat that attaches to the mesentery (the double membrane that wraps the small intestine in the abdomen).

Since it is deep in the abdomen, unlike subcutaneous fat, it cannot be pinched with fingers.

Since it is used as temporary storage of energy, it is characterized by the fact that it builds fat quickly and removes it quickly.

It is also used as a criterion for metabolic syndrome, and it is easier for men to get on than women, and as visceral fat increases, the waist circumference increases.

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·    What is fat burning? What kind of mechanism is it burned?

When fat increases, the body becomes plump, and if left as it is, fat cells become larger and larger, leading to obesity and lifestyle-related diseases.

Therefore, if you think that you have increased fat, it is important to take action as soon as possible.

·    So how can you reduce fat?

The answer is that both subcutaneous and visceral fat need to be "burned" to reduce fat.

When exercising, humans can break down fat and burn and consume it.

So what is the mechanism for burning fat?

Let's see the flow.

·    Fat burning mechanism:

When you exercise, your body needs energy

"Lipid mobilization hormone (hypokinetic hormone)" such as noradrenaline and adrenaline is secreted in the brain

The enzyme "lipase" involved in fat metabolism and decomposition is activated

"Lipase" breaks down fat into fatty acids and glycerol and releases it into the blood

Fatty acids are carried to the muscles of the whole body and consumed as energy

Some may ask, "Any exercise is fine?"

Exercise includes aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is a long-term exercise with a relatively light load while taking in oxygen into the body.

Typical examples are walking, jogging, and swimming.

On the other hand, anaerobic exercise is one that does not take oxygen into the body and continues a heavy load for a short time.

Examples include muscle training, weightlifting, and sprinting.

Of these, aerobic exercise is effective for fat burning.

This is because aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise use different energy sources, and aerobic exercise mainly uses fat and sugar, while anaerobic exercise uses sugar.

Since aerobic exercise takes a relatively long time, fat that is slowly decomposed and metabolized is suitable as an energy source, while anaerobic exercise requires a large amount of energy instantaneously, so it is always The sugar stored in the muscles is used as an energy source.

·    What is good exercise/muscle training for fat burning?

So what kind of training should we do to burn fat?

I mentioned earlier that "aerobic exercise uses fat as an energy source, and anaerobic exercise uses sugar as an energy source." In fact, anaerobic exercise, which is not so much involved in fat decomposition, is also necessary for fat burning.

Muscle training itself has little to do with fat burning, but it has the advantage that basal metabolism in the body increases by strengthening muscles, and the effect of fat burning increases even when you are not exercising.

Especially for women with a lot of subcutaneous fat, aerobic exercise and muscle training at the same time can be expected to have the effect of moderately tightening and losing weight.

Another thing to keep in mind here is the order in which you exercise.

·    Which should be done first, aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise?

Generally, it is said that if you aim to burn fat, the order of "muscle training → aerobic exercise" is good.

So why is muscle training first effective in burning fat? The reason is that when muscle training is performed, a large amount of "growth hormone" is secreted in the body.

This growth hormone plays a role in stretching the back in the child's body, but in the adult's body, it has the function of strengthening muscles, bones, and skin.

If you do muscle training after aerobic exercise, you may have already run out of energy in aerobic exercise, and if that happens, you will be able to perform well with muscle training that requires a large amount of energy instantaneously. can not do.

If you can't put a good load on your muscles, it will be difficult to strengthen your muscles and increase your basal metabolism.

Therefore, it can be said that "the order of" muscle training → aerobic exercise "is effective for fat burning."

·    Smooth energy metabolism with brown rice and millet

It can be said that changing the white rice that you usually eat to brown rice or millet rice is also effective for fat burning.

The reason is that vitamin B1 contained in brown rice and millet rice has the effect of smoothing energy metabolism.

In addition, since they also contain a lot of dietary fiber, they are recommended for dieting as they slow down the absorption of sugars and smooth the defecation.

·    Take ingredients that are effective for fat burning

If you take a lot of peppers and spices, you may sweat. This is evidence that fat burning is accelerating in the body. By all means, incorporate these ingredients into your daily diet to help burn fat.

·    Be conscious of drinking as much water as possible

Some people may think that "drinking water causes your body to swell" and "gets fat." However, in reality, it is known that when the amount of water intake is low, the body swells.

In addition, if you drink enough water, your body's basal metabolism will increase, and fat burning will progress further. Of course, drinking too much puts a strain on the internal organs and can cause the body to cool down. Try to drink as much water as you can, such as "moisturize before your throat dries" and "always keep a water bottle or PET bottle near you and get into the habit of drinking little by little".


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